Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Has Donald Taken the Wheels Off His Campaign War Wagon?

Harper telegraphed it was over for him and his rancid government three days before last October's election when moving trucks showed up delivering pallets of flat pack boxes and hauling away full ones from the prime minister's office.

Donald Trump doesn't have an office to vacate - and sanitize - before the votes are counted on November 8 but that doesn't mean there aren't other ways for him to telegraph his defeat.

Well behind in the polls but boisterously defiant one might expect Trump to be pouring money into ads in crucial swing states. Only he's not. Instead he's actually pulling them, giving up reserved air time. That's Trump's way of showing he knows he's already lost.

HuffPo speculates that Trump may have run out of money but there's no real sign of that. My guess is that he's doing what he's always done when a deal turns sour - he cuts his losses and gets out early, usually leaving his investors to take the big hit.


Lorne said...

One of the things that I have always felt confident about, even when the race was neck in neck, Mound, was the fact that Trump did not have the well-oiled machine for getting out the vote that the Democrats do. As well, I have long suspected that many of his most ardent supporters have likely never voted in their lives and are not registered to do so. Coupled with what you say here, i am hopeful that the end is indeed in sight for Trump.

The Mound of Sound said...

I just heard that Glenn Beck is urging his followers to vote for Clinton. Go figure, eh Lorne? We're not that old but we have seen more than a few US elections but never anything remotely like this.

Anonymous said...

Both the Democratic and Republican parties are splintering. Glen Beck is a Christian fundie neocon. Supported Ted Cruz. Now he supports Clinton? Not a glowing endorsement. All the wrong people are enthusiastic about Hillary.

The Mound of Sound said...

Oh, yes. The Democratic Party is splintering and Donald Trump will win on November 8 and then we'll all get a free unicorn. Gee, won't that be swell?