Thursday, October 06, 2016

The LA Times Endorses Hillary - Sort Of.

The editorial board of the Los Angeles Times has endorsed Hillary Clinton even if it's in a backhanded way.

Today's editorial is headlined, "With the Paris Agreement ratified, the world needs to step up its fight against climate change." Clear enough. The editorial then goes on to look at the main presidential contenders, Trump and Clinton.

The swift ratification means the pact will go into effect much faster than many had thought — on Nov. 6, less than a year after the agreement was reached. The pace was propelled in no small part by international fears that a President Donald J. Trump would make good on his campaign promise to blow it all up.

...Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has given her full-throated endorsement to the pact and the science behind it, which means people serious about combatting climate change have an easy decision to make come election day.

Sounds like an endorsement to me. 

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