Friday, October 21, 2016

Hypocrisy, Your Name is Trudeau

Remarks by Natural Resources Minister, Jim Carr, and Environment Minister, Dame Cathy, have erased any lingering hope that the Trudeau government is serious about climate change and the world future generations of Canadians will have to endure.

First up, petro-resource minister Jimmy who said, "People say, ’Leave the oil in the ground,’ they don’t want any development. Our view is we use the wealth of the old economy to finance the new energy economy."

Okay that's the standard line that the way to a clean energy future is to ramp up production of the dirtiest, most energy intensive hydrocarbon resource on the planet - bitumen. Carr's predecessor, Joe "Leatherback" Oliver, couldn't have said it any better.  Of course there is no link between bitumen royalties and alternative clean energy. That's something in Carr's mind and he wants it in yours also. It's an illusion. If he actually believed it that would be a delusion. I'm pretty sure he doesn't.

Then there's Trudeau's environment minister, Cathy. It was beyond galling when she described herself,  "as much an economic minister as I am an environment minister." Oh Cathy, no need for such modesty. With you the petro-economy trumps the environment. That's obvious.

Perhaps the hallmark of this government is weasel words and wiggle room. Sort of like how they justify Canada's role in flogging death machines to war criminals in charnel house conflicts abroad. Now we'll "balance" their supposed human rights violations and war crimes against our industrial benefits. "Cash talks, innocent blood walks" or something along those lines.

Not for nothing did Thomas Juneau refer to Canada as "the definition of hypocrisy."


Dana said...

In a similar vein, Jesse Brown of Canadaland, in The Grauniad.

The Mound of Sound said...

Yeah, I read that this morning. It's a depressing sort of reality, isn't it?

the salamander said...

.. your current essay (this one) hits the bullseye, rings the bell.. sounds the alarm.. slam dunks some blinding truths.. No surprise.

But like most Canadians, its almost impossible to track 'our Canada' - or 'our values' - believe those who purportedly represent us & Canada - or comprehand the reality of what the world or environment is handing us daily, or over the long run..

We simply cannot get it all on a single plate, or on the entire table, as if its the Thanksgiving Turkey.. The whole shebang is overwhelming.. so each of us pecks at or embraces the parts which seem to pertain, make sense, are believable, or .. are fabulous fictions that distract or entertain us (Trump - Kardashians - WWF wrestling) In other words, few of us are Emily Carr or Tom Thompsons who just got on with capturing & sharing the very essense.. or mystery of the country called Canada..

Politics today seem like a smelly fish wrapped in the perfumed waxed paper of mainstream media.. Our elections seem more about wedge 'politics' trumpeted via endless partisan financed polls. Who needs elections when you have polls to look after that ? Hell, BC does not need a sitting legislature I hear.. or rather, milqutoast media informed me that British Columbia will not bother with 'government' sitting' until next year. Instead, the Premier, a former talk show host, will rule the province on her own, make deals, do photo ops, smile wearing hard hats & hey presto flood the river valley because she gots to get that to the point of no return.. or was it the vanishing point for Billions of $ ? All so the LNG wetdream can keep churning..

Where this farcical political phenomena is heading.. is anyone's guess. But the stunning declaration that 'we can't leave the wealth in the ground' echoes the Harper Royal Old Snot Colonial forked tongue blatherwanking travelling medicine show.. Its all about the Economy.. our Values r Your Values.. & we need more Temporary Foreign Workers .. because Its All About The Economy - Stupid !

Just like Herr Harper & the bootlick ReformaTory loutpack, Justin is clutching at the mystical Royal beanstalk that jack can climb.. to where the Grow The Economy reigns supreme.. (its the Jolly Friendly Royal Green Giant y'know... .... )

Northern PoV said...

Yes the "we can have our cake and eat it too" syndrome seems to have metastasized inside the Trudeau tribe after one year of riding high in the polls.

The usual idiots (MSM) are touting this as a brilliant Canadian compromise, so the strong polls will continue.

This will not change the new global dynamics of energy pricing. The Saudis have cheap-to-extract, conventional ("cleaner") oil. They have lots of it. They were planning to make it last for a long time at high prices. They now see the tsunami coming - humans will either ban ff or go extinct in the near future. The Saudis will pump cheap oil indefinitely. All these stupid projects will either be abandoned or if executed they will tank our economy.

That said...
I am sanguine about my Lib vote last year. We got rid of Harper and his court stacking. The court system is being rescued (see new announcement this week)

It is on-the-ground in step with the 1st nations and then in the courts where we might have some success in blocking this stuff long enough until it becomes a dead issue.