Friday, March 03, 2017

Oh, Now They Want the Commonwealth Back

They dropped us like a bag of laundry to join the EU, but now the Brits want us back.

This week, the UK government has requested officials from Canada, Australia and New Zealand to assist with Brexit negotiations, promoting cooperation between the four countries for upcoming trade and immigration deals.

UK Trade Minister, Greg Hands, emphasised eagerness to work with Canadian, Australian and New Zealander officials, who have already declared their intentions to establish quick trade deals once the United Kingdom begins proceedings to leave the European Union.

Sort of like Brad Pitt inviting Jennifer Aniston over for a candlelight dinner. The Brits always thought they called the shots before and it would come as no surprise if they figure on doing that again. Oh, Chaps. Mother England here. We're Back. Now, where were we?

I sure hope we wait until we see just how well Brexit goes for the Brits. There may be hard bargains to be driven.

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Anonymous said...

One of the problems with large trade agreements is that once initiated and used for some years they are almost impossible to reverse.
I was never a NAFTA fan but I have to say that the snowball was pushed down the hill and has become so big it will never be pushed back.
In a strange way international trade makes us aware of other areas of the continent and world.
Becoming insular only breeds suspicion and contempt.