Monday, March 20, 2017

What Happened Today in Washington

The House hearings went on for four hours. These two videos should suffice


the salamander said...

.. the astonishing tale of Trumph failures as a human being.. much less as a parent, a self proclaimed 'politician', a husband, a fraudulent businessman..

To see this complete fool tweeting his opinions, excusrs, deflections, denials simply defies belief. This reminds of Dean Del Mastro bellowing 'baseless smears' regarding 247 federal ridings hit by Election Fraud utilizing the Harper Party database, for live and robo calls.. Its now SOP .. Standard Operating Procedure to commit the crimes but not pay the price.. the immunity dontcha know.

But Trump breaks the sound barrrier.. attains new world records for bullshitting.. He speculates publically on court cases, guilty or innocent, we should shoot them, or give them medals.. that kind of nonsense.. and no lack of deflectors to shift the wond, distract media, pimp to the population.

I still don't see this ending at all well.. How it 'ends' nobody knows, but tossing Meals on Wheels, especially for disabled Veterans or the aged is a real loser. Trashing the Environment same deal.. Trumph is a howling freak.. Bannon probably worse. Ivanks Trump being given access to classified documents? You gotta be kidding .. Why not Melania too?

The Mound of Sound said...

I was lucky enough to start my journo years during Watergate. That was astounding, or so we thought at the time. Yet it doesn't hold a candle to what's gone on under Trump. It usually takes years for a government to get as bent as Trump's. Then again they started early, very early.

People like Trump often think they operate on their own rules. It helps if you live in an alternate reality.

Anonymous said...

Trump and his followers perceive an alternative reality.
Sadly, the Democrats often seem to have their own reality.
Such is how it is with divisiveness.

Facts and proof count for so little in a time of what seems like mass delusions.

We do need a revolution - violent or peaceful it makes no difference.

Maybe then a leader will emerge.

Anonymous said...

The USA lives in a alternate reality regardless of political affiliation.

I am beginning to believe that there can be no change within the USA for there is no difference between the competing forces.

At the end of the the USA will either divide into ; well lets call it Confederate or Union and things will settle down.
The alternative is yet another civil war.

Looking to Brexit; I would suggest the USA will divide!!


The Mound of Sound said...

I think that our civilization is, in several respects, broken and we're well past caring enough to do anything effective to fix it.

Anonymous said...

I think that our civilization is, in several respects, broken and we're well past caring enough to do anything effective to fix it.
Pretty much.
It maybe the gloomy view but it is also the likely one.
Rare are moments when self-interest does not trump all else.
Even many altruistic moments are marred by self-interests.

For example, Apple introduced a new RedPhone.
So instead of donating money to a cause, people can feel "good" about their consumerism knowing that Apple will donate a few centimes of the overall cost to a cause all the while getting free publicity.