Sunday, March 05, 2017

Trump Bestie's Meltdown - Implicates Assange in Hillary Email Leaks

Did Julian Assange collaborate with the Trump campaign to leak hacked emails damaging to Hillary Clinton?

According to long time Trump pal, advisor and dirty trickster, Roger Stone, that's exactly what happened. Surprise, surprise.

Stone got into a furious twitter war with JK Rowling and Republican strategist Ana Novarro. He called a female journalist a "stupid, ignorant, ugly bitch" and called Novarro "fat and stupid." It was fascinating to watch Stone lose his mind as his vitriol erupted.

Trump was not the only one to have a Twitter meltdown this weekend.

Trump loyalist and former top adviser Roger Stone claimed on Twitter that he had a back channel to work with Julian Assange at Wikileaks to spread damaging leaked Clinton emails.

US intelligence has unanimously said that Russia interfered in the US election in what it called a "multifaceted campaign" of "cyber espionage", and that Clinton's emails were obtained by Russian hackers.

Stone's claim that he worked with Assangee to spread Clinton's emails comes amid growing reports of Trump staffers meeting with Russian officials, then lying about it.

This madness is spiralling out of control. Trump's tweets, accusing Obama of having ordered illegal wire taps of Trump's suite in his New York apartment building has backfired. Now the FBI director, Comey, has come out to ask the Department of Justice to refute Trump's claims because, boiled down, they would implicate the FBI of serious crimes.


Lorne said...

As the U.S, slips further into authoritarian madness, people would be wise to heed Nancy Pelosi's warning about "the wrap-up smear."

rumleyfips said...

It would indeed be gratifying to see Trump booted for repeating a Briebart lie.

The Mound of Sound said...

Yes, Lorne. Trump has greatly streamlined the "smear process" the Republicans first fielded when they "Swiftboated" John Kerry. In the old days they launched their smears at a distance, starting with open mouth radio shows. Now Trump does it directly, with a tweet. Much faster, much more powerful.

The Mound of Sound said...

Rumley, I've been pondering this Trump wiretapping allegation. What if his lines were tapped? Who might want to do that and be capable of doing it? How about the same folks who hacked the DNC emails? Obama had no power to order wiretaps. The FBI or the DoJ might have but only as part of an ongoing investigation and with one or more FISA warrants. They're fairly easy to rule out and, apparently, Trump's presidential authority enables him to get all that information.

If Trump isn't just blowing smoke up America's arse, if he was wiretapped, it's entirely conceivable to me at least that Moscow would have the most to gain from it.