Saturday, March 18, 2017

"This Is What Empires Do When They're Getting Ready to Collapse."

You know it's happening. You see it, you feel it on a daily basis. It's inescapable. It's hard to grasp just what it really means or where the bottom is, assuming there is a bottom. Chaos is setting in across America.

US Army colonel and former chief of staff to state secretary, Colin Powell, Lawrence Wilkerson says America is a sinking ship. Wilkerson says it's going to take seismic upheaval to prevent that. "Does that mean revolution? It might."

Canadians need to keep a close eye on events south of the line for our economy is so tightly lashed to America's that we're along for their ride.


the salamander said...

.. that intense rattling sound.. that sailors fear..
its a runaway boat anchor named Trump/Bannon
about to tear the side off the ship ..
or worse, rip the bottom out..

The GOP - officers & crew powerless
The insane or mad Captain Ahabs run amok..
out of their heads.. over their heads
does it matter which..
completely incapable of that mysterious capability

.. called leadership ..

Hugh said...

A low point was failing to prosecute banking/securities fraud leading to the subprime mess, because the banks are 'too big to fail'.

Toby said...

Interesting interview. Wilkerson brings up the point that Major General Smedley Butler made in the 1930's with his War Is A Racket.
The evidence is overwhelming that American industrialists and bankers did business with Nazi Germany right through WWII. This stuff is not new; Sam Colt sold his revolver to both sides of the US Civil War. I don't expect the average American to wake up or care in the near future.

Anyong said...

Take the curse of money away.