Friday, August 31, 2012

That's It, We're Done - Sorry Guys

Women may soon not need men to procreate.   Welsh scientists have managed to create sperm from a female human embryo and figure they may do even better using female bone marrow.   The breakthrough suggests it may become possible for lesbian couples to have their own biological children, sans the standard male sperm donor.

But wait, that means that any woman, regardless of gender orientation, would be able to have children without the need for a male participant.   We're done.   We'll be as obsolete as mechanical typewriters or horse-drawn ploughs.   And, once we're seen as redundant, how long before we're seen as outcasts?   Then it will be women who only want us for one thing, maybe.


Bill Longstaff said...

Ridding the species of males—this could be the best thing for humanity since the discovery of fire.

Culture Vulture said...

Okay Bill, your misandry is in full force.

Frankly I think messing with this sort of thing is playing with fire.

But truthfully the human race as a whole is moving towards its end what with the lack of progress towards solving global warming and fixing the problems it's caused.

e.a.f. said...

o.k. some men come in handy when camping & some others will run to the store for beer & your parents still expect you to show up with one if you aren't gay, so guys its o.k. we will keep some of you around. the rest, not so much. you guys had better start being nicer to women or you too will be come a piece of history.