Friday, August 10, 2012

BC Court Won't Allow Harper to "Sacrifice" Gloria Taylor

The Harper regime has lost its first attempt to thwart Gloria Taylor's right to die.

A British Columbia Supreme Court judge two months ago struck down the ban on physician assisted suicide, granting Ms. Taylor an exemption from the law while giving Parliament time to deal with the offending law.

Harper, of course, religiously bound not to allow someone to die painlessly when they otherwise could face a prolonged, excruciating death, raced off to the B.C. Court of Appeal - which is where he ran headlong into Madam Justice Prowse.    The judge said the federal government's interests in assuring an agonizing death for Ms. Taylor were outweighed by the irreparable harm she would incur and said she wasn't to be sacrificed for the government's idea of the "greater good."

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Beijing York said...

Brava Madame Justice Prowse. That move on the part of Harper was vindictive. Maybe when BC separates, they can pass enlightened laws including assisted suicide measures so others have the choice to die with dignity.