Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Will Britain Wage War on Ecuador to Deliver Assange to U.S.?

Ecuador has granted Julian Assange political asylum within its embassy in London.   The Brits claim they have some right to attack the Ecuadorian embassy to seize Assange, presumably to facilitate his delivery to the United States.

Is this really what it's come to?   Is this what it takes to shred the last vestige of international comity?  Can anybody else see where this road is heading?

Maybe this sort of thing doesn't even really matter any more.   Maybe we are headed toward a negation of the era of enlightenment.   I just don't know and almost everyone else simply doesn't care.  At my age, I'm out of here soon enough but a lot of you won't get out soon enough and you're going to have to live in the world they're carving out for you right now, like this and in so many other ways.   Are you really going to live this way?  I mean, I don't know.


Anyong said...

All of this hoopla is to allow the US to get their hands on him.

Anonymous said...

M of S,

I too am outta here soon enough and can not for the life of me figure out why the young that are to inherit this back to the deep and dark middle ages world have not come together and revolted for all the wealthy and powerful have stolen silently over the years. And that said why did we allow it so?

I ask myself that allot anymore and are we all willing victims? How could we have let this mess come to pass, the rich rule with an iron fist and get anything they want and treat the rest like slaves mere dirt under their feet. They destroy our common home the earth for the chance of hoarding more and more paper currency that they cannot take with them when it is their turn to go. Where is the logic, the rationality or the humanity in that? Wealth makes people insane and blind greed is the root of it.

If all you young ones out there refuse to work for the system, it will collapse...

Let it be written,
Let it be done...