Thursday, August 09, 2012

"This is Absolutely NOT a P.R. Exercise" - Yeah, Right

Brenda Kenny has got a pair.  That much you have to give her.   The president of the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association plans to counter a string of public relations disasters by announcing an “Integrity First” strategy to improve pipeline safety and the industry’s “social performance.”

"Kenny told reporters [in Ottawa] that Calgary-based CEPA is taking a “much more aggressive and organized” approach under the Integrity First banner to convince Canadians pipelines are crucial to Canada’s economy and safer than other forms of energy transportation.

"She provided no specific details on new safety measures, though Kenny did say CEPA will launch specific new measures to educate the public.

"Kenney acknowledged that some Canadians might view the effort with a cynical eye, given growing controversy over major spills involving Enbridge, proponent of the $6 billion oilsands pipeline to the B.C. coast.

“I’m concerned…some people will think that, and we can’t change their mind today,” she said.
“We can be above board and straight-shooting and I hope that if there are cynics with this announcement today they will be proven wrong."

Brenda, can I talk to you for a minute?   The problem isn't "a string of public relations disasters."   The problem is a string of pipeline failures and the catastrophes they left behind.   We don't need convincing, we can read the reports from the investigations and hearings.   You can't be "above board and straight shooting" when you start from such a blatantly dishonest premise.

And, Brenda, the issue isn't the relative safety of oil pipelines.   The question is whether they're safe enough to string across mountainous and seismically active British Columbia wilderness and whether Enbridge with its considerable track record should be allowed to build and operate these pipelines.   And the question is why anyone in his right mind would be content to see supertankers laden with dilbit ply the treacherous waters of the British Columbia coast.   Those are the questions that matter, Brenda, and it speaks volumes they're not the ones you're addressing.   So, please, don't tell us this isn't another greasy P.R. exercise when you make it so plain that's exactly what it is.   So, if integrity is supposed to come first, why do you have it pegged dead last?


Anyong said... people from B.C. don't have to worry according to news out of Alberta this morning. It has come to light BC will reap nuch more revenue from the intended pipeline than Alberta and also have many more jobs. Now lets see if Clark changes her mind is open to discussion exploring solutions to the money issue. Alberta puts up with 600 oil spills every year and hardly anything is ever published for the general public to read. And if it were available to them, most would say it is not the truth. So MOS we environmentalist have a hard row to hoe when reading all the excuses for continued production of bitumen. Tar oil is only 28% of all oil produced in Canada you know.

The Mound of Sound said...

"It came to light"? Excuse me. Care to remind us all who came up with this bit of brilliance? If you look, this is spin from the oil patch.

Anyong said...

And you think I don't know that? Exactly! Brillant spin. It's good the drift was understood after all. Reported by CBC from that woman who represents Big Oil of Alberta.