Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Government Infrastructure Crumbling on Harper's Watch

Maybe Steve should've spent some of that stimulus money himself instead of paying for that new deck on the cottage.

Auditor General Sheila Fraser reports that the government - from its aging computer systems to the Parliament buildings - is breaking down. From Canada.com:

Canadians could be denied basic public services such as their annual tax returns and employment insurance cheques unless the federal government updates aging computer systems that are on the verge of "breaking down," warns the auditor general.

The problem is so serious that the RCMP are even warning the public faces an increased risk of "injury or death" because of outdated information technology that police rely upon for their radio systems.

As well, the Parliament Buildings are in such a state of disrepair that the House of Commons and Senate could be forced to shut down or limit their operations, Auditor General Sheila Fraser said in a report tabled Tuesday.

Together, fixing the twin problems of old computer systems and a crumbling Parliament could cost taxpayers billions of dollars.

Didn't Steve just pass a Pinata Budget with a multi-billion dollar giveaway package? This is, of course, the same dolt who conveniently defunded the treasury by cutting the GST when we could least afford it. Now that Steve has the government running a mega-deficit he's going to have to come up with billions of new money to keep the lights on and the roof from caving in.

This is what happens when immature ideology supplants reason.

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