Monday, April 19, 2010

Hey (Unfortunately) We're Number One

Canadian Press is reporting that Canada beat the rest of NATO two to one in the number of Afghan detainees we turned over to their country's brutal security services in the first nine months of last year.

We handed over 163-Afghans to the torture squads. The Brits came second with a distant 93. The Dutch transferred a mere 10.

Here's the thing. Either our forces are just really, really good at capturing insurgents or, as often claimed, we're a little indiscriminate in just who we're willing to hand over for a quick, Afghan-style "tune up."

The stats were released to CP by the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission.

Canada's stellar performance is even an embarrassment to Afghanistan's National Directorate of Security. The NDS has complained that Canadian Forces hand them detainees without sufficient evidence for the prisoners to be prosecuted.


LeDaro said...

It is such a sad day for Canada. Harper government discredits Richard Colvin. However in another case believes some Snowdy guy in no time when it suited them. Harper and our current leaders have damaged our reputation more than enough. It is time for them go.

Anonymous said...
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