Saturday, April 24, 2010

Why the RC Church is Rotten to the Core

Here's a story that's oft repeated, a story that told once is once too much.

This concerns the Bishop of Bruges, Roger Vangheluwe, who resigned yesterday after admitting to having sexually abused a young boy. Now, just one day later, a retired priest in Brussels tells Associated Press, that he told his superiors about Vangheluwe almost two decades ago and nothing was done.

Retired priest Rik Deville told The Associated Press that he made the allegations to Archbishop Godfried Danneels between 15 and 17 years ago after learning of them from a confidant of the victim's family. Danneels said through a spokesman that he had no recollections of Deville's allegations at the time.

...Norbert Bethune, who was dismissed after a doctrinal conflict with superiors, told the AP that he had brought allegations by some 30 other victims of other clerical abuse to the attention of Danneels and "he was so angry was us, so negative that he did not want to hear anything."

...The Vatican is moving to get rid of bishops tainted by the scandal — either those directly responsible of abusing children or ones who had sought to shield abusive priests. A Vatican spokesman said Saturday that the Catholic Church is capable of healing the wounds inflicted on it by the scandal.

Isn't that sweet? The Catholic Church is the victim of this. The wounds were "inflicted on it" after all and maybe a little bit on those kids, maybe. They're clinging to this mentality of the church as victim. Put the blame on a few rotten apples. Leave church doctrine, especially that celibacy business, out of this.

In my opinion, it's the Vatican's tenacious grip on that fairy-tale celibacy doctrine that ensures this church will forever remain a magnet for paedophilia. That's the very core of this evil and it reaches into every corner of the Roman Catholic world.

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