Sunday, April 04, 2010

House of Pederasty Dismisses Scandal as "Petty Gossip"

This from the Vatican, a.k.a. Kid-Diddler U. The Dean of the College of Cardinals, Angelo Sedano, has dismissed the uproar over child abuse by Catholic priests and the cover-up (oh hell, call it what it is - aiding and abetting) of it by senior Catholic prelates right up to the Pope as - wait for it - "Petty gossip."

Pope Benny "The Rat" Ratzinger dodged the whole business, setting his sights instead on "humanity" at large as suffering a "profound crisis" and in need of "spiritual and moral conversion."

And the Pope's personal priest, Fr Raniero Cantalamessa, backtracked on his claim that criticism of the Vatican was akin to anti-Semitism saying he was only referring to "the use of stereotype and the easy passage from individual to collective guilt." Sorry Father but the "collective guilt" thing comes from the decades-long cover up of systemic child abuse perpetuated by senior church officials throughout Europe and North America. That's collective guilt, jackass, and don't bitch just because the shoe fits.

My verdict? The blame rests entirely at the feet of the Vatican, the Holy See. This widespread and enduring outrage is grounded directly in the church's inane policy of clerical celibacy. Popes past and present set up their church as a magnet for the type of person who eventually finds the altar boy's ass irresistible and the senior clerics who turn a blind eye to it or actively cover it up. Worse yet, the celibacy doctrine is nothing more than a fanciful notion some pope past pulled out of his own ass.

I'm betting the Roman Catholic church will weather this scandal and I'm betting the Vatican knows that all too well. In the final analysis the only thing that truly stands between the church and reform are the bottoms that will be sitting in church pews this morning. If there's going to be reform it will come from the outrage and repudiation of ordinary Catholics. If they don't walk, all this is for their church and for their pope is a little stretch of rather bumpy road. The Catholic faithful will decide when their church's priests stop poking little boys up the ass.


Anyong said...

One of the greatest problems with the RC Church is all the brain washing that has gone on as to the reverence that must be shown to these priests and on up. Perishioners are not allowed to question anything the RC Church does but show total obedience at all tmes which is nothing but control using the word GOD. Case in point, where are all the mothers in this? Why aren't they organized and in the Pope's face. It is what it is, down right sick. If anyone of my children had been sexually abused, I can tell you I would not have been a silent by-stander while the courts took care of it.

LeDaro said...

Celibacy is the problem. You cannot fight against nature. Right now RC attracts lot of pedophiles. Priesthood provides great cover. At least so far.

double nickel said...

"Case in point, where are all the mothers in this?"

LOL! Sorry to burst your bubble, but women don't even really exist in the RC church. Except the CWL, where their role is mostly to hold bake sales and serve the lunches at funerals.

Anyong said...

LeDaro and double nickel....your comments are not worth the effort of rebuttle.

The Mound of Sound said...

Anyong, I can't see that you have any dispute with LeDaro and, as for Double Nickel, I think he's pointing out a mysogyny problem within the RC church that affords women little voice.

I tend to think events of the past two weeks show how astonishingly insular the Vatican has become. Their words and actions reveal a disconnect with the world beyond and a poor grasp of public opinion.

Anyong said...

Men CAN control themselves and women regardless of their position in the RC Church can still organize with a voice. RC Women in Ireland spoke out against brutal killings why can't they against priest who like children?

Anyong said...

Men can control themselves and it doesn't matter where women are situated within the RC Church. If women in Irland spoke up against the brutal killing there, then they can speak out about priests going after children.