Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Lady Doth Protest Too Much

Steve knows. Helena knows, so does Rahim. Probably, by now, most if not all of the Conservative caucus knows. To see them play coy, many in the Hill media know although they're not talking either.

What do we know? That Helena at times seems fidgety, irritable, angry and volatile even. That her husband, Mr. Guergis, can drive while tipsy and in possession of a bit of cocaine to boot. That Mr. Guergis, aka Rahim Jaffer, plays fast and loose with some curious characters. That some revelation came to L'il Stevie that made him leap into action, dumping Ms. Guergis from his cabinet and even booting her straight out of the Tory caucus before tossing the whole business over to the RCMP to investigate.

Now Ms. Guergis is whining about "rumours gone amok" and vowing to fight back. She's even hired the lawyer who negotiated Rahim's cushy plea bargain.

But despite all her whining, Helena won't take the first step to restoring her reputation - she won't say what the ruckus is all about. It's pretty hard to deny something the identity of which you refuse to disclose. Sorry Helena but, without disclosure, you'll just have to stew in a cauldron of Spicy Rumour soup. If you want to leave yourself there, don't complain about the inevitable consequences.

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LeDaro said...

If you still don't know the reason ask Magnum, P.I. Jack Layton revealed that today.