Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Many Minds of Gary Breitkreuz

Thinking must be a real chore for Saskatchewan Reformatory Gary Breitkreuz. Apparently it's a job he subcontracts out to his staff. They just make stuff up, throw quotation marks on it, print it on the MP's stationery and send it out, no matter how offensive or ridiculous, as his very own.

One of Breitkreuz' pack of trained Howler monkeys has taken the fall for the over-the-top presser that labelled the Canadian Association of Police Chiefs as a "cult" and suggested they could be bought. Breitkreuz is apparently such a busy boy that he knew nothing about the press release, didn't even see it before it blew up in his face. It's not his fault that his aides are permitted to simply make shit up and pass it off as a direct quote from a genuine shithead.

Curious. I guess Brietkreuz doesn't even look at his own web page. The announcement is still posted on his site, long after he supposedly apologized.

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