Thursday, April 22, 2010

No Place In My Canada for Sikh Extremists

British Columbia's radical Sikh element has outstayed its welcome in my country. These diabolical dirtbags venerate mass murderers as martyrs and, in my book, that makes them the scum of the earth.

These creatures came to Canada for our freedoms and then betrayed the generosity we extended to them by exploiting Canada as a base for their rank malevolence. Now the Khalsa Klown Korps is threatening violence against Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh, using a Facebook site to label him a "traitor" and inciting his assassination.

As far as I'm concerned, any attack on Dosanjh is an attack on Canada, an attack on me. I've been following the perverse antics of these shitbirds for at least two decades and I'm convinced there's no way we can deal with them short of throwing them in prison or showing them the door.


Oemissions said...

Careful MoS:
You might be next!

The Mound of Sound said...

We have to move on these vermin. They're cancerous, abject terrorists. If ordinary Canadians don't stand up to them and demand their government act forcefully these types begin to feel empowered by us - as they have for the past two decades. Harper gets off on crime and punishment laws. Here's a criminal organization he can really do us a favour and take on.

Anyong said...

We haven't seen anything yet. Give it some time. These people came/come to Canada to have a better life all the while trying to make it like back home.

The Mound of Sound said...

Anyong, you rally me to the defence of Canadian Sikhs. Their community has a problem. It has an extremist element. It also has a segment beyond that providing invaluable financial and other support. Yet the great majority are peaceful, productive members of society who, after a short period, become well integrated into our communities. It's a matter of excising the malignancy.

Oemissions said...

I agree.
They also give a great deal to Canadian society.
One that is excellent is the Guru Nanak meal program they do in the downtown eastside area.
Yummy food and anyone can signup to volunteer.

LeDaro said...

I had the privilege of knowing a few Sikhs including a university professor. One of the most decent people I knew. It is the extremists in every culture and religion who give bad name to the rest. Don’t forget Ujjal Dosanjh and Herb Dhaliwal are Sikhs too.

Anyong said...

MOS..what was your blog about again? I do believe it is about Sikh extremists you called vermin, cancerous abject terrorists on which I based my comment, nothing else. Did I refer to other law abiding Sikhs who contribute to Canada? No!