Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Israel to Clear "Illegal" Palestinians from West Bank

I guess the offence is living in occupied Palestinian lands while Palestinian. Israel's army of illegal occupation is about to move against Palestinians living in their homeland - without an Israeli permit.

Those Palestinians living in their homeland without Israel's approval face expulsion within three days or up to seven years imprisonment. The ordinance was brought to light by an Israeli human rights group, HaMoked: The Center for the Defense of the Individual. From the Christian Science Monitor:

The deportation policy would be applied primarily to Palestinians or foreign nationals who are residing in West Bank without permits, according to an army statement.

"The major problem is that for the first time, Palestinians can be regarded as infiltrators in their own land," said Elad Kahana, a lawyer for HaMoked who added that even people who've been living in the West Bank for 20 years would be required to obtain special permits.

"The main target is people who originally came from the Gaza Strip and foreigners who came here under family reunification laws," she said.

The greatest number of those in the second category, said a spokeswoman for the human rights organization B'tselem, are Jordanian women who married West Bank Palestinian men. Such marriages are common, usually within extended families.

"These are the groups at risk, but the order is so general and so wide that it could be used against almost anybody caught in the West Bank," said Sarit Michaeli, the spokeswoman for B'tselem.

Read more: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2010/04/12/92011/israel-moves-to-deport-illegal.html#ixzz0kzjNt1H8

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