Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tories 31.9%, Liberals 26.6%, Karzai 24%

I thought I'd add a little perspective to the latest Canadian polling numbers.

The Liberals are just a tad shy of three points ahead of Hamid Karzai. A Pentagon report to Congress claims that, in strategic population centres, Hamid Karzai enjoys the support of just 24% of the population.

Let's say that Hamid Karzai represents the benchmark for hopelessly corrupt, dishonest and ineffectual political leadership.

Maybe it's time you Libs did some serious soul searching about why you're wallowing so badly in the polls, the hearts and minds of the Canadian people.


Anonymous said...

When's the last time the Liberals polled under 20% in Quebec. Iggy is destroying the party.

Okie said...

Does anyone know what would appeal to Quebecers, that isn't part of the Bloc's demands for Federal money and Sovereignty? It appears as if neither the Libs or the CP have figured that out.

Something I find curious is that most Quebec residents who offer opinions via english media, say that the separatist movement is not only dead, but long dead, yet the Bloc remains the Federal voice of Quebecois.

As politically incorrect and unacceptable as it may be to ask, I would like to know why that is?

As to your question Mound, (why they're wallowing so badly in the polls), perhaps the answer lies somewhere between trying to be a copy of Harpervision (for a time) then trying to re-kindle the glory days and the pet projects of the far left element. Add Jaffer syndrome and reflections on adscam and it all adds up to a political swirly.

Before I go off and bother someone else, I would add this. About that grass roots thing, the CPC hold the high ground. Having given my unsolicited analyses, I'm still not at all sure the great Liberal strategists aren't merely putting on a show. If not, by God they are in trouble.

Anonymous said...

I know federalists who vote for the BQ. I liked to give them a swift kick in the ass, but there you have it. Chretien beat back the BQ, getting a higher percentage of the vote then the BQ in one election and regularly trouncing them in between election polls. So its possible, but we to be strong federalists in Quebec just as Chretien was - thats our brand. Even Dion did half decent in Quebec, and he's at least as much hated by the elites in Quebec as Chretien is.

Anonymous said...

You university educated people who can't unplug a toilet should give your head a shake.
If you can't build a house,run a business,make anything with your hands,build anything at all,do anything other than teach "social justice",how the hell can you can a "normal" Canadian who can do "something" trust anything you say or do?
Give all your heads a shake.
Obama already is.
So is Ted Kennedy.

The Mound of Sound said...

What a profoundly foolish remark Anon 4:13. One's ability to 'make anything with your hands' is hardly a function of higher education. Many university people I have known (and that's a great many) have considerable skills outside their academic discipline and many or most run businesses or practices. In fact, without these types you would quite possibly be dead today because they operate the society within which you're so nicely accommodated. So spare us your puerile rants about "social justice" which I assume you picked up from that other moron, Glenn Beck.

Anonymous said...

Sorry bud, but Canada is a "progressive" country.
You know that.
My point is that the country is controlled by people who have never done anything?
What has Harper or Iggy done to deserve leading the country?
Harper was put there and so was Iggy.They were given the jobs.
That's a "progressive" idea. A "collectivist" idea.
Not an "individualist" idea.
Try again.
Social justice is the only political ideology being played out in Canada.

The Mound of Sound said...

Yes, Canada is a relatively progressive country, something that apparently troubles you. It is the choice of the people of Canada, many of whom truly work with their hands, make things, etc. And by what right do you fault them.

I'm no fan of Iggy but he has done a great deal from his television career in Britain to his considerable academic career. Have you ever read any of his books or are you content to denounce his work out of rank ignorance as it appears?

What about social justice so inflames you? I expect it actually serves your interests quite well but, like so many, you choose to see yourself as the Marlboro Man individualist. Invariably that's a farce but it sounds good I suppose.

Anonymous said...

"It is the choice of the people of Canada, many of whom truly work with their hands, make things, etc."
Everything that has happened in Canada was the choice of a select few elite judges or politicians.
From gun control,to gay marriage,to banning capital punishment,to making Canada multi-cultural,to making Canada bi-lingual,to the soft justice system,to......................................
Come on, face it,the people in Canada are controlled by a select few elite people.
That's it.
A few.
That's it.
The people have had NOTHING to do with any social justice we see today.
And to make matters worse,we have to bend over and take the HST.
It never ends....that social justice............
Oh yeah, then the hydro "smart meters" kick in.
Again, it never ends.

Anyong said...

To be involved with academics a certain amount of intelligence is involved to acquire degrees, to write....although anyone can hire a writer to write for the inception of laws to social justice and what ever. To be able to "work with ones hands" as suggested by Anon 4:37 also involves a certain amount of intelligence. A persons hands don't simply begin working without an engaged mind. However Anon, perhaps the point you are trying to make might be that there are a lot of people in this country who are educated beyond their intelligence. That seems to be Mr. Iggnatiefs problem.