Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pakistan Nukes Vulnerable to Inside Job

What are the odds that Pakistani nuclear weapons could fall into the hands of terrorists? Depends whom you ask. Depends on whether you're looking from the outside in or from the inside out.

Pakistan says its arsenal of nuclear warheads is well and truly secured and, for the most part, Britain and America agree. Harvard's Belfer Centre for Science and International Affairs isn't so sure, at least according to a recent report that questions the security of both Pakistan's and Russia's nuclear arsenals. From The Guardian:

"Despite extensive security measures, there is a very real possibility that sympathetic insiders might carry out or assist in a nuclear theft, or that a sophisticated outsider attack (possibly with insider help) could overwhelm the defences," the report said.

"Sympathetic insider" is code for the radical Muslim element said to flourish within Pakistan's military chain of command reaching to the highest ranks.

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