Thursday, April 01, 2010

Now that the Coulter Furor is Over.

Ann Coulter is not a champion of free speech. Like Ezra, she's a provocateur who holds not the slightest interest in free speech of anyone else, or at least anyone who disagrees with her.

While most of us embrace the notion of free speech, a lot less of us see it as an absolute freedom. Surely race-baiting isn't free speech. Nor is faith-baiting. Free speech is supposed to be a shield to protect liberty, not a cloak for the spread of malice. It's a shield, not a sword.

A commenter on CBC radio this morning pointed out that, had Coulter substituted "Jew" for "Muslim" in her remarks she would have been run out on a rail by the very same types who championed her vitriol. To these hypocrites, denigrating Muslims is fair game but that's as far as it goes. Step over the line dividing Muslims and Jews and you're anti-Semitic. Nothing inconsistent in that, is there?

Ann Coulter is an abomination, utter low life.

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LeDaro said...

MoS good. She is indeed an abomination. Spotlight must be put on such an abomination and condemned. Double standards are abominable too.
Coulter does think that Jews are not “sophisticate” and once they become “sophisticated” then they graduate to become Christians. However, on this trip she was bashing Muslims only because her main host was Ezra Levant.