Thursday, August 12, 2010

British Columbia's Great Untapped Clean Energy Option

British Columbia has an astonishing untapped source of clean energy.  It's found in the narrow passage between Vancouver Island and the mainland that runs from north of Sayward all the way down to Campbell River.  It's a treacherous stretch of water renowned for its high tidal currents, two highs and two lows, each and every day without fail.

The Brits have extensive experience with seabed turbine generators and now the Americans are going the same route.  Washington state's Snohomish country public utility district has applied to the feds for permission to put two of these turbines in Puget Sound.

Positioned carefully on the seabed, British Columbia could have a train of these turbine generators running steadily all day except for the brief slack tides.  It's energy that's there for the taking and unlike wind or solar energy it is absolutely reliable so long as Earth has the Moon.

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