Thursday, August 05, 2010

Good News. Tories Almost as Weak as Liberals

Ekos has the Conservatives down 3, the Libs up 3, for a statistical tie.   Tories still lead everywhere except the Maritimes, Quebec and BC (where they're tied with the NDP).   Maybe keeping Mikey sequestered on a bus isn't such a bad idea.   Maybe it has something to do with Harper's protracted absence from the public eye and Canadians having to watch the lunacy dished out by Peter MacKay and Stockwell Day.

Who knows, who cares?   In the Harper/Ignatieff era if you don't like today's polls, wait for tomorrow's.

Now I'm no political scientist but this seesaw in the midst of Canada's political doldrums suggests the voting public is waiting for some party to produce policies that resonate with them and that they can embrace.   Vision has always been Harper's short suit and the Libs are fools if they don't hit Furious Leader where he's weakest.  So Michael, have you got anything to promote beyond arts funding? 

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