Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Census and Baby Seat Mentality

Living next door to Alberta can be pretty entertaining.   At times it can be like watching people from another country, another planet even.   Let me give you an example.

Years ago the "Rest of Canada" had laws requiring properly installed, properly certified baby seats to be in all cars used to transport infants. Guess who didn't?  Full points if you guessed Alberta.

There was a movement in the Alberta legislature to mandate the use of babyseats but it was angrily resisted, with real indignance, by the Conservative government of the day.   Their explanation?  Why, forcing drivers to have proper car seats for infant passengers would intrude on their rights.   Those sphincters actually stood right up on their hind legs and said that and said it again and again and again.  Those uber-right mouthbreathers eventually relented but only after being dragged, kicking and screaming, through their own filth.   If you ever needed a window into the dark, perverse mind of the far right, there it is.

So Harper is having his own baby seat hissy fit only over the census.   Why should that surprise anyone.  He's just running true to form for the uber right.   Just be glad he's not throwing his poop at people - at least not yet.


Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

The notion that government should regulate daily living as little as possible is indeed a "window" into the right-wing.

The side that believes in personal liberties and freedom from undue coercion. The "think of the children" crowd never did and never has proven their case.

Likewise, Statistics Canada has yet to prove their case that forcing people to fill out the long form provides better results than just leaving the objectors alone.

The Mound of Sound said...

FCLC, it takes a mighty perverse mind to defend the notion that an individual's personal liberties trump their responsibilities to protect their own, otherwise vulnerable children. Perverse. I meant just that. Carried to your extent, it's a mental illness.

Anyong said...

That may be the case with the past governments in Alberta regarding baby protection while driving children in cars. But do you think for one moment MOS that ordinary people don't protect their children in cars in Alberta? Give your head a freaking shake. You seem to love picking on the population of Alberta with an Ontario mentality.

The Mound of Sound said...

Anyong, don't be ridiculous. Plenty of "ordinary people" weren't using car seats. That's why every province in Canada, other than Alberta, promptly introduced legislation. Do you think they did that because there was no need for it. If there's any head needing a real shaking, it's yours.

Anyong said...

Because the Alberta Government took the stance regarding child safety in vehicles does not mean every Albertan does not protect their children which is what you are implying. And it doesn't mean every Albertan agreed with the Government position. There are Federal laws which apply to every province with provincal differences. If I were to drive my car with a child in it unprotected and I get stopped by the police, I would be charged in Alberta. There were petitions sent to the Government of Alberta regarding their position. My children were in child car seats and so were many others long before it was law in this country and by the way, that wasn't in the province of Alberta. Diddle-dah-dumb!!

Anonymous said...

The rest of Canada is not fully aware of who Republican Alberta is. We need to pull a David Koresh and kill their leaders.

The Mound of Sound said...

Anyong you do test my patience. No one said "every Albertan" refused to voluntarily equip their cars with child seats. That's a, frankly, pathetic assertion, the lamest of straw men.

Just like cell phone laws, they had to be introduced because enough would not act responsibly. That's why Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec and the Maritimes moved on this. Stop trying to deny history to make some vapid libertarian point. I'm simply not interested in revisionist twists on reality.

And, as for you, Anon 5:47 - best you turn yourself in to the authorities before you harm someone. Just let me know your identity and I'll do it for you.