Friday, March 24, 2017

Trump's Crazy Train Has Already Left the Platform

The Giant Orange Sphincter has spoken. Trump's long promised health care bill now litters the floor of the House of Representatives and Trump knows who to blame - the minority Democrats.  While his Republicans enjoy a hefty majority in the House, as Trump sees it the Democrats sabotaged his vaunted health care bill.

Of course the Repugs were careful to see that the American Health Care Act never came up for a vote lest the American public find out how unpopular it was with Trump's own representatives and it was plenty unpopular.

Trump didn't hesitate to twist Republican arms on the bill. At first he said hold outs would be in for a pounding when they next stood for re-election. Last night he upped the ante warning that, unless the bill passed, he would leave Obamacare, a.k.a. the Affordable Care Act, in effect. And so, it seems, he shall.

A bad day all round for the Oval Office. Trump shamelessly bullied Congressional Republicans and they responded by telling him to pound salt. That could be a bad omen for things to come, especially if the Trump/Russia investigation turns against the Cheeto Benito.


Ben Burd said...

Problem is Mound, the Dems still own Obamacare and Trump is right it may explode due to insurers backing out of the market.

Dems now have to shift the blame to the Repugs for not fixing the obvious problems with it and make the Repugs responsible for the failure to fix in time for the 2018 election.

Advantage Trump

Anonymous said...

The funny thing with 'RyanCare' is that the moderates thought the reforms went too far and the "Freedom Caucus" Teabaggers thought the reforms didn't go far enough.

The reality is that Obamacare is a Republican version of healthcare reform, so most Republicans would be happy with it. The main thrust behind the Republican attack was that the plan was so lousy for Americans, which has been criticized by prominent Democrats like Bill Clinton and Michael Moore.

Trump is actually doing what he's supposed to using the bully pulpit. It's what FDR did to get things done. And LBJ when he took up MLK. In Canada votes are whipped by default. In America, partisans don't always vote along party lines. Sometimes they need persuading. It's the way it works.

The Republican party is fractured. The Democratic party becomes fractured on purpose, which is why Americans got stuck with shitty Obamacare. Obama promised the Public Option. Virtual single payer. He enlisted corporate Democrats to obstruct him in order to leverage promissory payola from the HCII.

It's ironic that Trump blames Democrats for the failure of his healthcare plan. I wonder if he makes these kind of statements purposely. See, Obama had a super-majority. But only brought in a Republican version of healthcare reform. I guess it was that minority of Republicans who stopped Obama from delivering the healthcare he promised. (Before losing his super-majority 2 years later and providing a basis for the Republicans to attack his lousy plan.)

So who's the bigger liar? That's what I like about Trump. His lies are petty and meaningless. I prefer alternative facts about the size of the inauguration over the benefits of the TPP. You know what I mean?

the salamander said...

.. the Immaculate Emasculation .. of Farce Trumph
When they turn on this asshat.. it'll be historic & hysterical
He'll head to Mar A Lago & the golf course.. of course
and the Trumph Tower hidy hole & Melania & servants
Oh.. yes, with full Secret Service protection thru his end days..

Meanwhile, the Land of the Free - Home of the Brave
will be imploding, collapsing, under siege from within & without
Lord of the Flies .. so to speak.. & Trump/Bannon the 'beast'

Owen Gray said...

Trump knows how to place blame. But he does not know how to govern.

Anonymous said...

This Russian thing ain't over by a long shot and when the orange crap hits the fan he won't be playing golf and instead be in a place where he'll be Leroy's bitch.