Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Greenhouse Gas Was Never So Beautiful

This is methane gas trapped in the ice of Abraham Lake, Alberta.

Across the north, methane gas and CO2 are being released from the thawing permafrost and from lake beds and sea beds.  Here's an example.


the salamander said...

.. simply stunning Mound.. if OK with you, will post to my Facebook page

Watching the 2nd video right to the end, really smacked home the realization that the methane being 'flared' on the lake, was methane release that would never embed in our atmosphere (a most disastrous event)

For obvious reasons, politicians, Big Energy advocates, enablers, political party backroom boyz n girlz cannot let the words 'methane escape' or 'methane release' cross their lips or be put in writing. VERBOTEN .. that it is casually 'flared' during or after fracking or any drilling for that matter is territory they will not touch. Deadly Sour Gas is another scary monster, best not mentioned in public EVER.

Can anyone find any.. I do mean ANY of those terms in ANY speech, mutterings, utterings, text, tweets or rants.. by Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau, Donald Trump, Christy Clark, Joe Oliver, Mitch McConnell, ms Notely, Jason Kenney, Doug Ford, Andrew Scheer, ms Redford, Pierre Poilievre.. ?? ? How about 'our' Minister of Environment, ms McKenna ? 'Our' previous Minister of Environment Peter Kent ? .. no ? ? ? Not even Ray Novak ? How about Laureen ?

More chance Charlie the chinchilla would bring up such dreadful 'job killing' terms ...

BTW - touch off topic but not really.. belongs more to your previous Monsters topic

I am following Kyle Morrow's trail re Jason Kenney. I am using Twitter.. and starting to ask Mainstream 'journalists' this specific question. That being - If Jason Kenney's actual 'home' .. ie his real 'residence' was in Ottawa. Living in the pricy condo he purchased within walking distance to Parliament. And he only visited his mommy occasionally, in Calgary while paying rent to her for a basement suite that did not exist (paying rent to family is a violation BTW) What are the consequences for somehow being a candidate in federal elections, not even being qualified for an Alberta Health Card or Driver's Licence yet being elected as an MP, acting as a Senior Minister who also claims, on the record, as such, he 'lived in hotels' ? ?

I do not wish to receive death threats as has Kyle Morrow, or beatings or lynching.. or have to prepare for louts and riff raff who may come armed.. and leave our property badly injured... but I welcome inquiry into the matter. It does appear Canadian taxpayers helped pay for the condo Jason Kenney purchased in Ottawa, while collecting almost 10,000.00 $ monthly for his occasional visits to his mom in Calgary as his 'principal residence' - the Ottawa condo or hotels or men's christian hostel being his 'secondary residence'. It does appear mr Morrow delivered receipts, bills, airflight documents, per diem payments etc etc etc.. in regard to this truly convoluted scandal.. but the burning question on the table.. is Jason Kenney's right to be in a federal election representing a Calgary riding.. if he did not live in Alberta.. but was a resident of Ontario ! !

I my case

The Mound of Sound said...

First point, Sal. Those are just YouTube clips. Do whatever you like with them. If you like you can probably find better clips. I hate the robotic narration in the first. That fellow in the second clip needs to get himself a barbecue lighter. What I find interesting in the first clip is how Abraham Lake freezes in layers, hence the chains of methane bubbles. In the second vid it's how those surface bubbles shrink as the methane is burned off.

As for Kenney, it does sound dodgy. Even Duffy had his Cavendish Cottage on Friendly Lane as a real abode for himself and the missus. Besides no guy should be sofa surfing at his mom's place, not one who aspires to become the premier of that province. Yet I'm pretty sure none of that will matter when Albertans come to choose their next government. I've read that polls show that Notley is closing the gap but it's still pretty large.

I don't know that anyone on Parliament Hill has the appetite for another of these residence allowance controversies after Harper, Wright, et al had their asses hadnded to them after Duffy was exonerated on 33 of 33 charges they used to try to bury him. When it's a clean sweep, 33 of 33, you're not acquitted, you are exonerated.

the salamander said...

I wondered about that.. freezing in layers.. yes. I didn't think of that ! We once played hockey on a large complex frozen slough outside calgary.. crystal clear ice and water underneath.. beautiful, spring fed. Also played hockey in the middle of Toronto harbor .. skated there from Ward's Island.. ice boats out there too.. doing very long tacks and jibes in light breezes.. flawless ice

Because Pictures! said...

Seems particularly appropriate that the layers of bubbles look like stacks of money, as indeed, in a way, they are.