Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Oh, That "National Emergency."

Apparently the Mango Mussolini today proclaimed that he has an "absolute right" to declare a national emergency.  And, in the Great Bloat's mind, the threshold for declaring an emergency is if he can't make a deal with Congress that's to his liking.

Put it another way, Donald Trump is America's "national emergency." If he doesn't get his way that's a national emergency. No one may defy the divine right of Donald Trump to have it his way.


Ben Burd said...

I just do not understand why any American does not think that this expression of Power is just another way of being a KING something they revolted against.

The Mound of Sound said...

It turns out a lot of the American belief structure is grounded in myth and delusion, Ben. We see a good many on the right who are quite tolerant of monarchical authoritarianism in someone like this buffoon.

Trailblazer said...

It's amazing just how much crap the Americans will put up with to hold on to their $$Dollars and to live out their visions of white USA supremacy.

Trump in the USA and the Brexiteers of the UK are proof positive of humanities racial intolerance and greed.

Perhaps artificial intelligence does have a part to play in our future.
Humans are proving to be just fucking stupid.


The Mound of Sound said...

I received an invitation today to join a group motorcycle tour through the US west coast and southwestern states. Those are among my favourite riding areas or at least they were. Yet I no longer find any excitement in the idea of riding through the states. The very idea is now unpalatable to me. They can have it. Besides, the toilets are all plugged in Joshua Tree national park.

the salamander said...

.. Its great hill to die on.. for Trump. But unfortunately, a guy named Mueller has grabbed the high ground, has air support and dialed in arty. Trump brings a phony bone spurs excuse to the dance.. and his cheap ass enablers & scumbag sons. Its ludicrous, the posturing and preening in the meantime - 'we want wall' and stony silence from Mueller et al. So quiet is Mueller that we forget the threat.. a real time takedown of an American President. an administration, a passle of complicits.. Yes.. deplorables. Manafort so deep in the quicksand and only his feet are showing.

Anonymous said...

Polls say Americans want the wall. That's one of the main reasons they voted for Trump. Trump is trying something new in politics: asking the people what they want and giving something to them.

Trump also gave workers their wet dream come true: he killed free-trade globalism and replaced it with fair-managed trade with social tariffs. This is the most progressive act of any president since Eisenhower, by far.

But the globalists want to gouge the people even MOAR with carbon taxes, while offshoring GHG emissions to countries with no environmental regulations, like China. It's an evil farce pretending to be a solution to a serious problem – leaving a very serious problem with a solution!

Big City Liberals are hypocrites. Why do they want a flood of economic migrants? Out of the kindness of their big hearts? Perhaps that's somewhere on the list. But above it is: cheap maids and nannies they can really crack the whip on. Undocumented factory workers who are willing to work a lot more for a lot less. (Great for stock markets.) And undocumented voters. – And MOAR super predators for their private prison sweatshops. (Also a boon for the investor in the club.)

But it's not just meek refugees crossing the porous border. You have drugs, weapons, gang members, cartel members and human trafficking: Joy Division kind of stuff. I imagine big bad businessmen – as much as they have to blow on hookers after raping and pillaging the economy – would still prefer a buyer's market.

That's why a country has borders. To stop ALL of this. To control what is happening.

The Donald not only wants border security, he is bringing real economic development to Latin America with social tariffs. Where presidents from Nixon to Obama brought war and chaos across the Americas fighting wars on socialism and drugs, DJT simply wants to change the channel. Channel that Deep State manic energy somewhere less destructive. If a dragon is tearing up the village, give it a field of cows to devour.

The Donald – he's a billionaire. He ain't on the take. The bribe payers don't sound the air raid siren 24/7 when a politician is abiding by their rules. They sound the alarm when someone says, 'no.'

And besides that, Trump plans to make WAY more on merchandising alone!

The Mound of Sound said...

You lost me at "polls say" pal. Polls do not say the American people want the damned wall. Your segment of the American population will pretty much eat and enjoy any crap Trump feeds them but that's the crank faction.

And so, as you want to use your "alternative facts" there's no point addressing your remarks.

Anonymous said...

5:12 "That's one of the main reasons they voted for Trump. Trump is trying something new in politics:" Excuse me! Something new? Bah-hum-bug! Walls have been built often in many countries and they always fail. Trump is not attempting to make a difference in American lives at all. He does not address "neoliberalism" for example which is "free Capitalism for freedom" whom is it free? Not the ordinary working person that is for sure. Tramp will end up taxing the working people for the building of a dam wall. Anyong

Anonymous said...

My mistake: I should have said polls says Americans want border security. It was the second most important mid-term election issue.

(Healthcare was the first. Will Dems work with Trump to bring Medicare-Option universal coverage? Or play more games as they have the past 50 years representing the HCII in place of the people?)

"The wall" is a major part of Trump's solution. Along with other measures – and bringing higher living standards to the Americas to end the 40-year economic migration problem. (Via social tariffs and working with the left-leaning FDR-style Mexican government that was recently elected.)

Trump is asking for $5.6B. In terms of Canada's federal budget, that would be $560M. The Kinder-Morgan pipeline Trudeau bought would be the equivalent of $75B in the US budget.

If the wall doesn't work, then that's on Trump. But that's what he ran on. In a democracy, you allow the government to do what it promised. Then you see how it works.

Why do Dems say the wall is immoral? Because they believe it will work keeping out "undocumented citizens" who have the right to skirt the immigration process? (Perhaps a part of the their broader "hemispheric open borders" master plan, according to HRC in one of her paid speeches leaked to the press.)

Good fences make good neighbors. All Big Dems have called for beefing up the fencing in the past. Of course, their policy positions tend to be all fashion and fluff – probably to distract the people from the reality they never do anything.

Anonymous said...

Tariff Man! is a hero to workers across North America, the Americas and even the world!

He's taking on global oligarchs by killing free-trade globalization and replacing it with fair managed trade based on social tariffs. This has been the labor position for decades. A workers' wet dream come true!

Trump is putting an end to the Economic-Hitman Washington-Consensus era based on spreading war and chaos across the undeveloped world to plunder their resources and the fruits of their labor.

You can disagree with the international alliances he's forging in place of it, and the way he's rechallenging Deep State manic energy (e.g., the new Space Force,) but he's actually doing something positive. Something that can be developed.

The problem is people instinctively expect a messiah to come along and solve all their problems. This is actually an instinct bred into the people (who live in the world of 'Animal Farm.') It says: yes you live in tyranny now; yes your leaders are corrupt and brutalize the world; but a messiah will come along and save you all! Like a carrot tied to a stick to move the beast of burden!

Democracy is not about revolutions. It's about human development. It's a pendulum swing. One side does something for the people. The other side does something for the people. And it produces balanced progress.

The Donald is the first progressive president since Eisenhower! The first one to do anything for the people.

All the great progressive presidents – as great as they were – none of them were revolutionaries; none of them were perfect; and none of them did it all.

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