Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The Madness of King Donald

It's hard to believe that Trump eschews alcohol because he governs like a drunken sailor.

In November, scientists from 13 US federal departments, acting on the directions of Congress, produced the 4th National Climate Assessment, a 1,600 page tome. Congress required it be delivered to and then released by the White House. Trump's reaction? He claimed he had looked at it and then told reporters, "No, no I don't believe it." And that, as they say, was that.

Yesterday the chiefs of America's labyrinth intelligence community appeared before Congress and literally gutted Trump's claims on everything from the supposed threat from Iran to the fanciful idea that Kim Jong Un would ever give up North Korea's nuclear arsenal.

Today, the Emperor Struck Back.
"The Intelligence people seem to be extremely passive and naive when it comes to the dangers of Iran. They are wrong!" Trump tweeted. "When I became President Iran was making trouble all over the Middle East, and beyond. Since ending the terrible Iran Nuclear Deal, they are MUCH different, but a source of potential danger and conflict. They are testing Rockets (last week) and more, and are coming very close to the edge. There economy is now crashing, which is the only thing holding them back. Be careful of Iran. Perhaps Intelligence should go back to school!" 
Trump made no mention of Russia, which was specifically mentioned by Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats on Tuesday as likely to target 2020 elections. Also left unmentioned was a response to intelligence officials' warnings about the threat of climate change.
There was a day when a lunatic would be removed from high office for the good of the nation. Trump is in a bad way. His government shut down didn't work. His poll numbers are in the tank. There is a real likelihood of another deep recession before Americans go to the polls in 2020. The special prosecutor is closing in and DJT Jr., along with son-in-law Kushner could soon be indicted. Trump has created for himself not merely "alternative facts" but an alternate reality utterly detached from science, knowledge and intelligence. Reality is whatever he declares it to be. He is mad as a hatter.


Trailblazer said...

One day, Trump will not just say something stupid he will do something stupid and dangerous.
This man is going to start another war for no other reason than to divert attention from himself.
I said over a year ago and say again..Venezuela!


The Mound of Sound said...

I share your fears, TB.

Trailblazer said...

Both Fox News and RT are softening their support of Trump.
A sure sign he is imploding!


the salamander said...

.. perhaps the lead poisoned minds at Fox TV are seeing the Trump experiment as a losing cause.. and that the nonsense they perpetrate (and don't tell me they don't know its sensationalism and nonsense) is easily backtracked from Trump's bizzaro Twitter missives. Of course its a hodge podge of Stephen Miller & Sean Hannity with a dash of Kushner.. martini, shaken not stirred.. as well

Other people, other minds are running the country.. while Trump runs his mouth

Just look at the people he's invited to the table aside from his family.. and don't forget to look at the ones that had to leave the table. Yes,vthere is the Mueller Effect.. but most of the bolters seem to have seen the endgame or their endgame.. and done just that, bolted. The healthy fear of going down in the history books as an American Traitor.. is a zinger.. Its one of those every day wakeups..vwhere your first thought is.. 'how do I get out of this insanity ? One in seven of those days, you go to church and pretend you are an upstanding white christian, but Monday you wake up with the same thought and end of day you escspe home.. but wonder how & when the inevitable horror will land all over you..

If you're simply a psychopath or sociopath.. thenthought never enters your mind.. like Stephen Miller or Steve Bannon or Mitch McConnell or the Don or his screwed up Don Jr or Alex Jones, Sean Hannity et al. you wake up and gloat about how many people you are going to fluck over today.. and you go to dinner and to bed gloating even more.. because you flucked them over.. and more..

The Mound of Sound said...

The Trump administration has indeed become a rogues' gallery of scofflaws, reprobates, traitors and degenerates.

They are Trump's whipping boys in the true sense of the term. They get nailed, he disavows them, and then uses them to distance himself from their wrongdoing, sort of like the sin eaters of old.

I've read that Trump won't hesitate to throw anyone under the bus, not even Don Jr. or Kushner. Ivanka?

Anonymous said...

Most people, when they do or say something stupid, like to keep it pretty low-key. Trump, however, makes a fool of himself almost front of the whole world, no less! And seems to enjoy it!! How sick is that?