Monday, October 05, 2020

Another Trumpeteer Succumbs to the "Trump Virus"


Donald Trump's Covid Crew has a new member. His obnoxious White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, is Covid positive.

Kayleigh says she's going to ground for 14 days which should give her ample time to get her resume in circulation. 

Earlier this year, the Washington Post had this take on Ms. McEnany.

McEnany is Trumpism delivered with a smiling, telegenic unruffled aplomb at a time when there’s very little to smile about and quite a lot to be ruffled by. She is the picture-perfect face in an administration filled with funhouse mirrors. Everything is great. Everything is fine. She is the duck gliding across the water while her colleagues paddle furiously below the surface.

It's time to stop calling this the "China virus." This is on Trump, the presidential super-spreader, who has transformed the White House into a Plague Den. What's ailing Kayleigh, Melania and all the others is the Trump Virus. 


Anonymous said...

Maganinny will spend the next two weeks infecting her child, just like KAC did. These folks really should get a visit from the children's aid society.


The Disaffected Lib said...

It's hard to believe, isn't it Cap? BTW, check out my next post on Kyle Rittenhouse and his rabid right-wing lawyers. I can't understand why they're still licensed to practice law.

Toby said...

A thought, Mound. If Covid-19 has its way and Trump is incapacitated and Pence gets it and is also incapacitated, who is next in line? Apparently it's the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. The US looks more and more like a banana republic.

Owen Gray said...

Someone in the den is going to wind up on a ventilator -- or worse. What will they say then?

The Disaffected Lib said...

Toby, the election is close enough that succession scenarios are moot.

The Disaffected Lib said...

As Cap noted, KellyAnne Conway's 15-year old daughter, Claudia, has now gone on social media to disclose that mom passed Covid along to her. Claudia says she feels like Hell.

Frankly I wouldn't mind seeing Bill Barr cough up a lung, Owen.

the salamander said...

.. Raising the bar on 'VAPID' cometh Ms McInsomething or other.. a wind up doll suitable for Trump pussy grabbin.. moved on her like a bitch n hired her.. She wuz Ms Fox TV flavour of the month I guess.. and she performs like a Trump pole dancer on command.. Gotta say Donald Jr's new playmate.. he of the five children and Simpsons beard, taker of elephant tail and leopard on safari.. she the beast .. Ms Gillyfoil or somethin.. sure to meet Donald Seniors taste

Meanwhiles, Eric the Dull has invoked his 5th Amendment.. to steer clear of New York subpoenas.. and Ivanka is the new Queen of Shabbat.. Princeling Kushner has perfected his sneer.. and the droning gravel voiced Billy Barr - the West Point mafiosa.. is just slaying all comers.. and shooting the sheriffs guns blazing.. Mitch is so toxic the Roda steers clear.. waste of time the old pus sack is so toxic from Russian money

Ho hum.. it could be maybe that fully 25% of Americans are snorting cheap low grade coke cut with lead and mercury.. and the rest of the Trump Holy Brigade fell for Moses in the Bullrushers or are Mormons in the holy underwear who fell for the black bag the dude stuck his head in to find the magic stones that lead him to the golden plates that only he could translate and that nobody else ever saw.. Now he puts Trump to shame as a swindler..

I hate to tell you this Mound but we had red chard grown by inmates of Collins Bay Medium Pen.. with wild sockeye and Indian (First Nations) rice.. appetizers were Raspberry Point oysters.. not bad at all

On the negative side.. CBC has banned use of the word Palestine.. Yes they have.. Please get back to me if sticking their heads up their rectal orifice is behind this idiocy.. In the meantime.. CBC IS DEAD TO ME.. and any of their advertising sponsors till they recant and apologize or pull their head out.. I will walk out of the room if Boss puts anything CBC on the tube.. and I will commence raking fire daily.. grapeshot and ball

The Disaffected Lib said...

Jesus, Sal, I wasn't aware of the CBC/Palestine business until I read your comment. Mother Corp has become morally corrupt. Yes, fuck them rigid! I went to CBC's web site to read their utterly disingenuous excuses. As far as I'm concerned, CBC no longer exists and the government ought to stop wasting money on those bastards only they won't because the CBC is merely echoing our own government's policies.

There once was an active blog called "Creekside." The blogger, Alison, kept tabs on Palestine-related voting in the General Assembly. We don't pay a lot of attention to that but those votes were routinely 'the rest of the world' versus the US, Canada and a gaggle of small Pacific island states on Israel's payroll. It's not just the CBC that's corrupt. You can add in the Conservative and Liberal parties.