Thursday, October 15, 2020

This Is a Story About a Real Dick. Dick is a Lawyer.

CBC has a "sign of the times" story about a Thai restaurant in Windsor, Ontario that refused service to a customer who would not wear a face mask.

After refusing food to a customer who wouldn't wear a mask at a walk-up takeout window, a local Thai restaurant was given an ultimatum: pay $20,000 or be taken to a human rights tribunal. 

Thai Palace received a hand-delivered letter Friday from Antoine d'Ailly Law Office, which states a claim of discrimination will be filed against the restaurant for violating the Ontario Human Rights Code. The letter demands that the owner hand over any and all video footage of the incident, which it says occurred on Oct. 7.

It also says the restaurant can settle the issue and avoid "the necessity of a formal process" by paying $20,000.

The restaurant's server Nhu Dang was working at the takeout window when the incident took place. 

"He came to pick up his takeout order and I politely asked him to put on a mask and he said he couldn't and I tried to explain the reasons why we have our policy and any alternatives that he can do to be able to get his takeout but clearly he didn't want to," Dang told CBC News. 

She said she also offered to give the man a disposable mask. 

At this point the manager and co-owner, Renu Anderson got involved.

"I said 'Sir what's happening? what's wrong? Because like why you don't want to wear the mask?' and he just started yelling at me and said I have human rights ... you can't ask me for doctor's notes. I said, 'You know, I run this place, I'm small business, I need to make sure my staff are safe and my customers are safe,'" Renu said. 

She added that she told the man, who identified himself as a lawyer, that he could leave if he wasn't going to wear a mask 

Ah, yes, the old "I'm a lawyer. Don't mess with me."  

Posted outside the restaurant are signs that say customers must be wearing a face mask. If someone is unable to wear one, the restaurant said they have a delivery service. 

I'm not sure how the Law Society of Upper Canada, or "L-Suck" as they're known to lawyers in other provinces, will view this affair but, to me, it sounds like a shakedown. Then again, L-Suck sometimes has unusual ideas.

CBC has made four tries at contacting Antoine d'Ailly but no luck. Could it be they're laying low?


Anonymous said...

It's LSO now, Mound. Apparently, the L-SUC took umbrage at that widely used moniker and decided to leave the early 19th century behind. LSO now reflects the province's name since 1872, a concession to changing times that must have horrified the more conservative benchers.

As for the maskless lawyer, I'm not surprised. Our profession does attract its fair share of maskholes.


The Disaffected Lib said...

An ability to pass law exams and bar exams is no measure of a person's integrity, is it Cap? I did a bit of discipline work for the Society out here and I met some very well educated lowlifes.

My brother still practices out your way. I don't recall him ever mentioning this LSO business.

How is the LSO for disciplining its own, Cap?

Unknown said...

Want to see his picture, just google antoine d’ailly, his pic is one of the first two.
I attended the address he claims is his office. His Name is not on the exterior, many are. Front door has 3 vivid notices as well, did he sue the other tenants in his building. Over entitled boob.

Disappointed. said...

I would encourage everyone to call the law firm and tell them what they think of them. Their number is 519-962-8682

The Disaffected Lib said...

Unknown, I too tried to see where Antoine was holed up. I used Google Street. It's a neatly presented, 2-storey, multi-tenanted place in the tony Willistead/Walkerville area. Given that the office address is "1A" it sounds like a share. I had expected a strip mall. What were the notices on the front door?

The Disaffected Lib said...

@ Disappointed. I don't see much point in running up long distance charges for calls that probably won't be answered responsively. CBC tried at least four times and got nowhere. Besides, you've only heard one side, part of one side, of this story. Every side is entitled to be heard.

Michaela said...

Too bad I can't leave a Google Review for this shyster

Anonymous said...

You are a loser and extortionist.

Unknown said...

This guy is a total loser and shame of a human being. He just destroyed himself.

Anonymous said...

This mask thing could be avoided by the government passing a pandemic requirement that everyone who can wear a mask. Simple, clear and precise.

Me said...

At some point someone has to stand up for Humanity. And we have to stand up for our rights as human beings. I understand that the people writing these things are scared so I can appreciate your opinions however I suggest that you turn off CNN and turn on YouTube where there are real live people discussing the real live threat that we are facing. You will realize that we are heading towards communism if we all don't start to act like this lawyer has. Sad and Scary but very true

The Disaffected Lib said...

@ Me. You need to give up the idea that YouTube or Twitter or social media in general is where to find "real live people discussing the real live threat" you imagine yourself to be facing. You need to find a library, where you can find books written by people with educations, knowledge and expertise. Read and learn. It's hard work but there's no easy path to enlightenment. As for your fears of communism, I've had this discussion several times and I have yet to come across someone who spouts this nonsense who has the first bloody idea of what communism is. Then again, they get their insights from YouTube Twitter and other social media. Christ, grow up.