Thursday, October 01, 2020

I Do Wish Her a Quick and Full Recovery


Donald Trump has tweeted that both he and Melania have tested positive for Covid-19. It couldn't possibly be that, after the blowback from Tuesday's debate, he just wants an out.

I'll believe it when I see the morgue toe tag. That said, I wish Melania a speedy and complete recovery.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what the post-nup says about being cooped up with a pestilent Agent Orange for two weeks. Surely that's gotta be worth something to Mel.

Too bad Trump won't be getting the kind of healthcare most of his fervent followers can afford. I expect he'll pull through and lecture everyone about how it was nothing, not even as bad as the flu. Frankly, he may be right - other a-holes like BoJo and Bolsonaro are still around.


Northern PoV said...

1st reaction ... Ethical schadenfreude!

or is it fake news? all about Trump (burying tax/racist spin & other stories)
a quick hydroxychloroquine treatment for the Oct surprise part 2?

After all this movie (2020) has more plot turns than the Matrix with the final act yet to come.

The Disaffected Lib said...

Maybe Hope gave Don a lap dance. I'm not convinced this isn't a stunt. To cover all bases they should be dusting off the caisson. I wonder if this is the first pox Mel's caught from him. If I was Trump I'd want a guard in the room before I let Pence in. Hydroxychloroquine, here we go. Or maybe they can try out Trump's ideas about a good IV shot of bleach or shoving a powerful light up his back passage.

WWHCD? What would Herman Cain do? Oh I know, he'd die.

Toby said...

Strange that we all had the same reaction to the news bulletin. Now watch for Himself to have a miraculous cure and broadcast that Covid-19 is just an ordinary flu. No problem. No precautions necessary.

Owen Gray said...

The ancient Greeks would love this story.

The Disaffected Lib said...

I already did my Nemesis post, Owen. Yes they would have found Trump's follies much to their liking. He exemplifies many traits they so despised.

The Disaffected Lib said...

That's entirely plausible, Toby. Maybe this is some Hail Mary pass to kickstart a seriously flagging campaign.