Friday, October 02, 2020

The Saga Deepens - Trump Off to Hospital


Trump is off to Walter Reed hospital where he's expected to remain for several days. He's said to be exhausted and to have developed a fever. It seems there is a presidential office within the hospital.


Anonymous said...

According to a statement released today by McAninny, "President Trump remains in good spirts, has mild symptoms, and has been working throughout the day." A couple of things stand out here. One, Trump is never in good spirits. He's normally in a rage or whining about how unfairly he's treated. Two, work in his case means non-stop Fox viewing, tweeting and attending rallies. Rallies are out and his Twitter feed has gone silent. Whatever they've got him on, he's higher than a m-f'er.

On one hand they say he has mild symptoms, yet on the other they say he's hospitalized out of an abundance of caution. These don't add up. Mel hasn't been hospitalized and neither has Hope or any of the other Republicans who reported positive tests today. Something's up. They're going to hide his real condition just like they hid Reagan's. We'll only know what's going on when state TV announcers start wearing black and Fox News is preempted by performances Tchaikovsky symphonies and Swan Lake, just like when Brezhnev died.


the salamander said...

.. Its like a movie script unfolding.. and has been for almost 4 years

What gets my attention is the scapegoating of Ms Hope Hicks.. when political animals and sloppy mainstream media and the usual echo chambers jumped on her infection.. as 'The Immaculate Infection' .. how careless of her.. as if she got pregnant out of wedlock. Early on, zero mention that she was obviously exposed to Covid-19.. and that she may have been 'cavalier' risking the Precious President.. was implied.

I jumped with both hobnail boots on that farce.. D'ya think there's a somebody who was infected who exposed her ? Could be maybe ?. Sure, she was huddling with Trump, Stephen Miller and Chris Christie, coaching Trump pre debate on how to stimulate Biden into stammering by constantly interrupting.. (as if Trump needed practice !) But somehow there was no mention of uh.. duh.. Contact Tracing upstream and downstream of Hope Hicks relevant to the range of Covid-19 incubation periods. There was no mention of the Entire Trump sphere, the timeline of Hope and Donald relative to her infection

With the ludicrous reality of the Trump et al sphere (thousands) activities, size, scope, behaviour we now know how complex and interweaving the Contact Tracing may be.. probably impossible to keep up with, might require 50-100 tracers. I saw the Rose Lawn clip of KellyAnne whispering gossip in Bill Barr's ear, and the seating of Barr and Pence surrounded by infected Trumpists. Everyone at that gathering was exposed,. Trump and Melania were already infected.. and icing on the poison cake is Kelly Anne's daughter scooping the Media with angry tales of her mom coughing and hacking at home the day before.. already symptomatic .. so pin the tail on Hope.. haha .. great thinking. RIP Herman Cain.. hope you're 'feeling well'

The Disaffected Lib said...

Cap, for some reason "new blogger" (think "new coke") doesn't let me post YouTube clips. There was an interesting item from retired, 30-year federal prosecutor, Glenn Kirschner. He points out the one thing we know about Trump is that he's a chronic liar. We also know that his ego is as fragile as it is huge.

He suggests it's plausible that Trump is faking. He sees his numbers tanking and doesn't want to go out a loser. A couple of weeks in Covid therapy, he hands the reins to Pence so that Pence takes the loss, collects his pardon for all federal offences and retires to Mar a Lardo to stage some sort of comeback.

With KellyAnne Conway down it looks like last weekend's reception at the White House was a super-spreader event. Three White House journos have also tested positive.

The Disaffected Lib said...

Yeah, Sal, it looks like the White House hosted its very own Covid Party. They seem to have outdone Sturgis.

That may explain why Trump di di mau'd his ass to Walter Reed. He's going to want the Big House thoroughly disinfected.

I expect Mel is being attended to at her parents' place.