Sunday, October 11, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone


Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving today or the more conventional holiday tomorrow, it's good to give thanks on this weekend.

We should be thankful for our families, even if it is difficult to gather, and thankful for what life gives us. We should be thankful for this guy.

You may not be wild about the guy.  He has his failings and we probably haven't seen all of them yet. But, for all that, at least he's a damn sight better than this guy.

No matter what you think of Justin Trudeau, just remember it could always be worse - much, much worse. 

Happy Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Mound. I'll be spending mine locked down in T.O. with 10 people, no wait, with my household, er, I mean my immediate household... I give up. However you spend it, enjoy the food, the company and the good cheer.


the salamander said...

.. Amen & a big ten four on that..
We gots our 3.7 lb stuffed turkey, steamed broccoli and baked potato with gravy for two - Mebbe tomorrow we slam the Port Dover white perch with rice and red chard from Collins Bay Penitentiary. Might be some beers and an Ontario Sauvignon Blanc. We try to sprinkle purchases really local within reason. To this day have never set foot in a Costco. Been a bit piggish with oysters lately.. I lost faith with my old standby - horsey radish and ketchup.. did blind taste test with PikaPeppa - from Jaimaica.. which we favor for any , steak, potato and for crab cakes.. and we use Thai sauce too then. Its the new champ in these parts

A shout out to Lorne.. must check his Twitter.. Hope he's well.. Same to Owen

The Disaffected Lib said...

I'm having turkey for one* this year, Cap. Fortunately I got a fresh, 8 lb. turkey. Not much bigger than a big roasting chicken. Do have a good one.

* By one I mean myself and a horribly ravenous hound dog.

The Disaffected Lib said...

Hey, Sal.

Re: your CBC/Palestine issue, I came across a radio network that has no problem using the name Palestine in the context of a people and their nation. NPR, National Public Radio. CBC has thrown principle out the window.

What in hell is a 3.7 pound stuffed turkey. That's a chicken! I got a small one this year, 8 pounds. I've never seen a turkey that small.

Have a good one, Sal.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Mound. And yes we could do much worse. Anyong

The Disaffected Lib said...

And to you, Anyong. May we never have to endure the degradation America now endures.