Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Edwards, Giuliani Out?

The New York Times and Associated Press are reporting that third-place Democratic hopeful John Edwards is going to bow out of his party's presidential nominaton race. Edwards is not expected to endorse either Obama or Clinton - at least not today. It seems he's waiting to see whether either of them will adopt his anti-poverty platform.

This means that both the Repugs and the Dems go into Super Tuesday with two-horse races. With Giuliani gone, it's down to McCain/Romney on the right and Obama/Clinton on the left (which is still, to us Canadians, right). Huckabee, of course, remains in the Republican race but that's now seen as a device to deny evangelical voters to Romney. There's a lot of speculation he'll be rewarded, if McCain wins the nomination, by being added as McCain's running mate.

It will be fascinating to see how the Edwards departure plays out. I expect Hillary is working on her Edwardian makeover even as you read this.

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Now that Edwards and Giuliani are out, it's time to see what the blogosphere thinks of the 6 remaining candidates, using Range Voting, a voting method detailed in William Poundstone's Gaming the Vote