Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Harper A Bag of Overheated Hot Air - NATO

Our Furious Leader, Stephen Harper, has been made to look like a manipulative idiot by NATO. Actually, it wasn't NATO that made Harper look like a manipulative idiot. He sort of did that on his own. Yet a spokesman for the alliance did put Lardo in his place. From CanWest:

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper is engaging in unnecessary, irrelevant and “overheated” speculation when he suggests a Canadian troop pullout from Afghanistan could jeopardize the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a NATO official said here Tuesday.

Canadians have every right to debate the future of Canada’s “key” military role in Afghanistan that has led to a disproportionately high number of Canadian casualties, James Appathurai told reporters.

But he challenged Harper’s grim speculation about the future of NATO, an alliance founded by the U.S., western Europe and Canada in 1949 as a bulwark against the possible military threat from the old Soviet Union.

“I think that making links between this (Canada’s possible withdrawal) and NATO’s credibility are frankly . . . unnecessary,” he said.

“We understand the Canadian position that a thousand more troops are needed in Kandahar. But let’s not link what is a successful mission with 37 countries (or) NATO’s 60-year credibility to this. That simply is not really relevant.”

"This kind of overheated speculation (about NATO being in jeopardy) really needs to be cooled a little bit.”


MrvnMouse said...

Could I get a link to that article. That's definitely an interesting read.

The Mound of Sound said...

Hi Mrvn. Try here



900ft Jesus said...

Harper really has a god-complex. I'm sure he feels as though the power of his convictions outweigh anyone else's. On a mission from some messed up god, spokesperson for that obscene deity...

I've met people like that who are so sure they are absolutely right that they feel that gives their words undisputed power.