Monday, January 28, 2008

Harper Vows to "Stay the Course" - Whatever That Is

We're a pretty cheap date. Throw another 1,000 soldiers our way and a few trinkets and we'll stay in Afghanistan. Our Furious Leader, Stephen Harper, has bought the Manley report - lock, stock and pickle. Now if we don't get our way, he says, we'll be gone early next year - gone as in "bye, bye."

Naturally Harper didn't let fast changing conditions on the ground in Kabul enter into his deliberations. Not a peep about how Kabul is undermining NATO or Hamid Karzai's weekend gamesmanship to defy the UN, NATO and the US. Of course it's easy to ignore all those realities - that put our soldiers' lives in danger - when you're busy playing political football.

If you want to weigh Harpo's bold decision against reality, take a look at the item "Karzai's Kabul Uprising" posted here earlier today.


Anonymous said...

Just curious. What is a "Canadian League of Curmudgeons of Leisure".

900ft Jesus said...

stay the course, guided by the North Star, getting the job done, don't cut and run, taking real action...just another catchy line for his mindless voter base.

Rah! Rah! Rah! I can just see the blue and white pom-poms.