Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Grades are Posted

Canada and Afghanistan are both in the Top 10 nations in terms of corruption. Afghanistan sits comfortably within the 10-most corrupt nations while Canada stands among the 10-least corrupt nations. Here are the standings:

Somalia 1.4 Denmark 9.4

Myanmar 1.4 Finland 9.4

Iraq 1.5 New Zealand 9.4

Haiti 1.6 Singapore 9.3

Uzbekistan 1.7 Sweden 9.3

Tonga 1.7 Iceland 9.2

Sudan 1.8 Netherlands 9.0

Chad 1.8 Switzerland 9.0

Afghanistan 1.8 Canada 8.7

Laos 1.9 Norway 8.7

* The Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI)

As you might guess, the higher the score (out of 10.0), the less corrupt the country and the lower the more corrupt.


skdadl said...

Um, ah ... Singapore?

I mean, just being ultra-clean (no chewing gum, eh?) has always seemed to me a small accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

skdadl: Excuse me!! But Singapore is the safest country I have ever been in as a woman. Try going there and find out for yourself. I've noticed Canadians have a habit of arrogance when it comes to other countries. They think they have the right to do what ever they want in other countries as if they were at home. It's time Canadians began to look at the ills at home such as the homeless, the way our government is acting. It isn't any good to say "oh but we are better than the US". That is just passing the buck and a way to down play what is happening here. If the law in Singapore says people will not destroy other people's property and a foreigner drags a broken bottle down the side of a car, then they have to put up with the laws of that land. When that happens here, the police can't even find out who the person was that did it or if they do, the offender gets a slap on the wrist. Or as I was told by police when my bag was stolen from my appartment by the landlord no less, with my documents including my degree in the bag..."there isn't much we can do about it." As a teacher, if a mother came to me to complain as to why I didn't teach Johnny history yesterday and I told her that math was more important....what do you think she would say? I would probably lose my job. As for corruption in Canada, what happened to being second behind Norway just several years ago. Corruption is on the increase here as it is anywhere. Good for Singapore for keeping the laws they do.