Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Arctic Ice Melt Nears Record

With several weeks remaining in the summer melt season, Arctic Ocean ice has already reached the second-lowest known level. Scientists find the degree of melt surprising given that we've had a relatively cold summer. The record melt happened last summer.

Arctic sea ice melting typically slows by now but this year the decline has remained steady. From The Star:

"It's an unfortunate sign that climate change is coming rapidly to the Arctic and that we really need to address the issue of global warming on a national level," said Christopher Krenz, Arctic project manager for Oceana.

"This is not surprising but it is alarming," said Deborah Williams, a former Interior Department special assistant for Alaska. ``This was a relatively cool summer, and to have ice decrease to the second lowest minimum on record demonstrates that global warming's ongoing impact is profound."

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David Gerard said...

Just think of the future of arctic tourism! Nome Tropicana, drinks are free!

(oh ghod, we’re all fried)