Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The World IS Only 6,000 Years Old After All!

Noah's Ark Ministries International claims to have found the biblical ship - on Mt. Ararat (of course) - and have carbon dated the timbers back 4,800 years. Tack on another 1,200 years for Adam and Eve's progeny to evolve into Noah and - bingo - God's your uncle!

Now they're not really sure what they've found is the remains of the Ark but they're 99.9% sure it's the real deal. They report they've found wooden beams and the remains of the compartments in which Noah stored all those critters too.

NAMI spokesman Yeung Wing-Cheung told Agence-France Presse his group has ruled out the notion that the find could represent an ancient, human settlement.


LeDaro said...

MoS, what is with you? Now your boat will be sunk and you may be hit with lightening.

However, some settlements in India could be dated back to 75,000 years and even 500,000 years. Nevertheless, it does not help me. I remain agonistic. Only dead people know if there is a God or not.

Anonymous said...

You're agonistic?

Agonism: a political theory which emphasizes the positive aspects of some forms of political conflict.

Now I think you probably meant that you're agnostic, but as a follower of your blog I think you're probably agonistic as well.

LeDaro said...

Anon, you're right. I misspelled the word. I meant "agnostic". Thanks for the correction.

The Mound of Sound said...

Oh I don't know, LD, I think you're probably 'agonostic' as well.

I'm just glad they cleared up this whole mess so that we can all apologize to Stockwell Day and Steve Harper and all the rest of the Creationist nutjobs. Besides I've got this old chalice, a "Grail" I think it's called, they might be interested in buying.