Monday, May 31, 2010

Black Blasts Harpo's Prison Fetish

Say what you will about Conrad Black, the man does know a thing or three about prisons. In Saturday's National Spot, Black eviscerates Harper's prison expansion plans:

This Roadmap--which was released in 2007, and which the Harper government began officially responding to in its budget in 2008, setting out a five-year plan -- turns the humane traditions of Canada upside down. It implicitly assumes that all who are convicted are guilty and have no remaining claim to decency from the state, and that treating confinees accordingly is in the interest of the legally unexceptionable majority.

The Roadmap does not mention prisoners' rights, beyond basic food, shelter, clothing and medical care, and assumes that they are probably not recoverable for society and that the longer they are imprisoned, the better it is for society. Almost no distinction is made between violent and non-violent offenders.
Of course, great caution must be shown in the reintegration into society of violent criminals. But the objective of the penal system must be to return those capable of functioning licitly in society as quickly as practical, allowing also for straight punitive or retributive penalties, but not for mindless vengeance. The whole system must be guided by the fact that the treatment of the accused and confined has been recognized by ethicists and cultural historians for centuries as one of the hallmarks of civilized society.

The Roadmap holds that anything beyond the necessities for physical survival must be "earned." Traditionally, the punishment is supposed to be the imprisonment itself, not the additional oppressions of that regime, and the proverbial debt to society is paid when the sentence has been served; it does not continue as a permanent Sisyphean burden. In the interests of eliminating illegal drugs in prison, the authors of the Roadmap want all visits to be glass-segregated, no physical contact. This is just a pretext to assist in the destruction of families and friendships.

...The Roadmap is the self-serving work of reactionary, authoritarian palookas, what we might have expected 40 years ago from a committee of southern U.S. police chiefs. It is counter-intuitive and contra-historical: The crime rate has been declining for years, and there is no evidence cited to support any of the repression that is requested. It appears to defy a number of Supreme Court decisions, and is an affront, at least to the spirit of the Charter of Rights.

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LeDaro said...

Brilliant peace by Conrad Black. Right on. Harper supports Israel who is carrying out criminal activities in Gaza, Lebanon and other neighbouring countries yet he wants to be tough on criminals. The guy is a moron.

I knew this young man who was in jail for possessing small amount of marijuana and was allowed to attend classes. He was a bright student and very nice fellow. It would have been utter travesty to shut him off from the society completely.

LeDaro said...
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LeDaro said...
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LeDaro said...

Sorry I meant "piece" and not "peace".

I am making too many mistakes and I have not touched the beer yet.:)

The Mound of Sound said...

Every now and then Harper gives Canadians a stark glimpse of his black heart and his sadistic personality. He really is a creepy bastard.

Anonymous said...
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