Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Times Square Bomber a Total Bumpkin

Faisal Shahzad deserves even more than he's got coming to him. The cops seem to have Shahzad's guilt pretty tightly nailed down. They know he bought the vehicle in which the bomb was found. They found fireworks that appear to match the fireworks found in the bomb vehicle, apparently as a makeshift detonator. And, according to the cops, Shahzad has admitted it was him, that he acted alone, and that he received bomb-making training recently in Pakistan.

Whatever punishment he's given, and I expect it will be life, should be doubled on account of this bozo's rank stupidity. For example, take the vehicle. He bought it in his own name. WTF? Then he decided fireworks would make a suitable detonator. He couldn't even figure out how to make a bomb? Then he completely screwed up his getaway plan. Fact is he didn't have one. He called for a flight reservation on his way to JFK international. Like he didn't think anyone would be looking for one Faisal Shahzad at the airports?

The worst thing is that, stupid as he plainly is, Shahzad almost pulled it off. He almost detonated a powerful car bomb in Times Square. If he'd succeeded all his blunders would have been instantly irrelevant.

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Fish said...

Time to crack down on civil liberties again! (I'm being sarcastic in case that's confusing for anyone)