Tuesday, May 18, 2010

BP Boss - We've Been "Extraordinarily Successful" On Oil Spill

BP CEO Tony Hayward tells Forbes magazine that his company has been "extraordinarily successful" in tackling the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Hayward even thinks the oil spill may help the oil industry:

"Deepwater drilling will be transformed by this event," he says. "If we can win the hearts and minds of the communities that are impacted, then we have the potential to enhance our reputation rather than have it damaged."

...Hayward, 52, has been with BP since 1982, served as Sir John Browne's right-hand man and became head of exploration and production before taking over in 2007 from Browne, who was felled by personal scandal following the catastrophic refinery explosion in Texas City in 2005 and the Prudhoe Bay pipeline spill a year later. Given the latest comeuppance, you might expect a little more humility from Hayward. Nothing doing. "The company is much better able to sustain this sort of incident than it could possibly have been able to three years ago."

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penlan said...

What effing arrogance & such stupid spin. May he/they rot in hell!

LMA said...

He must be sleep deprived, or high or something - totally out of touch with reality.

double nickel said...

Up is down, good is bad, black is white....etc.

LeDaro said...

"BP Boss - We've Been "Extraordinarily Successful" On Oil Spill."
He is quite right. He means that BP has been quite successful, time and again, to spill oil all over the world.