Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stephen Harper's Ace in the Hole?

He's the very best single thing Stephen Harper has going for him. Before long he may even deliver up the country to a Harper majority. Oh well, today's Liberals deserve to be put out of their misery but it's a damned shame it's going to take an election to do it.

What passes for today's Liberal leadership has no vision for Canada, no answers to the challenges already upon us and soon to land on our doorstep. Today's Liberal leadership might have managed to be a mediocre government - for the 1980's. There's no drive to it, nothing that resonates with the Canadian public. The leader hops back and forth on issues as though he's constantly getting the hotfoot treatment. When he does stand firm it's on disastrous positions like Gaza and the Tar Sands and the militarization of Canadian foreign policy. Thanks, but ....

I guess what really gets under my skin is that the Libs are letting Harper win by default. He simply has them outmatched, always well ahead of them on strategy, ducking or deflecting everything they throw at him. The Libs fuel voter apathy which is an elixir to Harper, it solves many of his potential problems.

It saddens me to come to this place, for the first time in my adult life, of not being able to support the Liberal Party. I have in the past sometimes held my nose and voted Liberal as the default option but not this time, not with this leader, not with his policies.

Today's Ekos poll has the LPC trailing the CPC by nine points, 25.1 to 34.4. For any real Liberal, concerned about their Party and their country, that ought to be humiliating enough to demand far better, right now.


LeDaro said...

"Stephen Harper's Ace in the hole?"

Why not call it Stephen Harper's ass in the hole? Liberal leadership is pathetic.

The Mound of Sound said...

It is pathetic. He doesn't even act like he wants the job and I think that comes across to the uncommitted voter. 25%. I think a gaggle of Catholic priests vying to run an orphanage would do better than that. Die hard Libs who are so common on these blogs think that criticizing their leader is heresy but the Liberal Party isn't some frat house and the leader isn't a pontiff either.

I don't owe the leader my loyalty only the opportunity to earn my loyalty. I gave this man that opportunity. But, when Harper first prorogued Parliament in the face of a major, global recession and Iggy took the time to go write a book about his mother's family instead of responding to the financial crisis, it was obvious to me the Tories were right - he wasn't a leader.

LeDaro said...

I have this terrible cold which is not going away for some reason. On top of that when I think of Iggy I feel like throwing up. He truly has screwed up Liberal Party. I can’t think of any worse leader than him in recent past.

Anonymous said...

MOS, I think that many progressives forewarned that this was going to happen only to be ridiculed by Liberals.

I'd normally be laughing now, but a Harper majority is something that would transform Canada irreversibly and it would not be pretty.

While I say that the BQ should run federally, it is only partly in jest...