Tuesday, May 04, 2010

CanWest Slips Through Asper's Fingers

"...kind of hurtful to see a family not be successful."

Shaw Communications has slammed the door on the Asper family's connection to the media empire created by their patriarch, the late Izzy Asper. Despite repeated attempts by son Lenny Asper to salvage at least something from the CanWest television operation, Goldman Sachs finally turned its back on him and began negotiating the sale with Shaw Communications instead.

In announcing the culmination of the sale, JR Shaw seemed to get a couple of digs in at Lenny and the other Aspers, pointed referring to their failure:

“When you look back at it today, there’s no joy in seeing the Asper family not continue to grow and prosper. ...This is not necessarily a celebration; this is kind of hurtful to see a family not be successful."

Somehow it doesn't sound as though JR is all that choked up about the Aspers.

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