Monday, May 10, 2010

Softpeddling Torture - CSIS Runs Interference for Harper?

The National Spot is doing its best to take the heat off the Son of Perdition over the Afghan torture scandal. Today it offered up a claim by Michael Coulombe, a top official of CSIS, that Canadians would be okay with torture if it meant saving Canadian lives.

Implicit in Coulombe's fantasy is that torture generates reliable intelligence, something the Americans have tried and thoroughly debunked long ago. Torture is what you use to elicit confessions, not intelligence. Even the Khmer Rouge knew that dipshit.

What Coulombe is also spinning is the idea that torture has somehow saved Canadian lives. Too bad he didn't seem to have any specifics to back that up but, then again, that wasn't the point of his remarks, was it? He doesn't want to try to make the case for torture, he just wants to confuse the issue.

One cardinal achievement of the FBI during the Bush years was to prove, conclusively prove, that standard interrogation techniques consistently yield high-grade, actionable intelligence while coercive, even illegal CIA and military techniques yield precisely whatever the interrogator/torturer wants to hear.


Anonymous said...

Accepting the premise that torture is "okay", makes us no better than the Taliban.

Add to the fact torture does not work, one wonders if the head of CSIS is either completely incompetent or just blowing propaganda. Either way, he's completely stupid.

The Mound of Sound said...

Gee, CWTF. I thought I had it nailed with "dipshit." I too smell a decidely political stench to Coulombe's remarks.

Anonymous said...

"Dipshit" was clear - too bad our political elite and enablers don't seem to understand common sense.