Thursday, May 06, 2010

Madam Minister for Big Hair Puts All You Feminists In Your Place. Now Go Make Steve a Sandwich!

Stephen Harper knows what Canadian women want and who better to say so than Minister for Big Hair and Small Minds, Rona Ambrose?

According to Rompin' Rona, Canadian women don't care about all this abortion nonsense. They want tough law'n odour to keep them safe and happy. Forget about women's rights, or reproductive choice or any of that loony leftie business. Women don't care about that when they can have more of the "crime & punishment" stuff. From TorStar:

“Our government has done more than any other government in the history of this country to keep women safe,” says Public Works Minister Rona Ambrose, who is also in charge of the status of women in the Harper government.

We have introduced new laws to make sure that we keep rapists and murderers off the street and to make sure that we protect children from sexual predators. That is what women want.”

There you go, see? You really didn't understand what you actually wanted. You were just a bit confused, worked up. By the way we've got this really charming house for you just up the road in a place called Stepford.

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Anonymous said...

What about those Canadian predators living in foreign countries such as Thailand??? Hmmmm yes but that is over there even though we have laws to pick them up. Anyong