Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Tory Is ...a Tory, On Either Side of the Atlantic

Who can forget Canada's great "Coalition Days" when the Liberals might have formed a government in partnership with the NDP and the contractual backing of the Bloc? Who can forget the Harpies' response, the nonsense about an unconstitutional coup d'etat that revealed the profound depth of ignorance about Canada by oh so many Canadians?

Well the UK Tories are up to the same bullshit tricks. Labour and the Tories, neither of which can form a government without a coalition, are vying for the favour of the Liberal-Democrats. So far both are offering the Lib-Dems the promise to hold a referendum on proportional voting after they ascend to power.

But it was the remark of the Tory deputy leader, William Hague, that had that old familiar ring of Harper. Hague argued that a Labour/Lib-Dem coalition would mean, "a second unelected prime minister in a row." Say that again? Since when did the Brits get the right to elect any prime minister? They, like us, get at best the right to vote for a member of parliament and that's about it. And besides, if Tory leader Cameron wasn't able to get a majority, by what possible stretch could he claim to be anything but "...a second unelected prime minister in a row"? Or the 30th or the 80th or whatever?

These Tory greaseballs seem to have an inexhaustible ability to pull these remarks straight out of their backsides.

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