Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Guardian Shows Anti-Tory Bias

Clicking through The Guardian for the latest election news I was surprised to stumble across the paper's "tactical voting guide." It's a riding by riding list of where voters wishing to keep the Tories out of power should choose Labour or the Lib-Dems.

There's something about this that makes me feel uncomfortable. Should any newspaper go this far to impact an election outcome? Where do you draw the line?

Not that it makes much difference anyway. The Tories are expected to pick up about 90+ seats with Labour losing roughly as many. Curiously enough, the Lib-Dems seem apt to lose a few themselves. The final call is Tories short of a majority but able to form a government with a small party coalition.


ck said...

Why should this surprise you? Most of Canadian MSM is in complete lockstep with Steve and all things Harpercon, pundits shoving the Canada needs to go more right wing in order to be honorable or something like that... Now that's terrifying. Don't have link off hand, will provide later, how most of Canada's newspapers actually endorsed Harper in last election and yes, even told Canadians to vote for him.

But surely, you don't need me to find link, I'm sure you know that.

The Mound of Sound said...

Pathetic as our media are,ck, I still think the Guardian has gone past where I would draw the line.

All papers have a tradition of endorsing leaders and parties prior to an election and they've endorsed plenty of Liberals in days past so I really can't complain of the hand they've given Harper. I can dispute their judgment but not that they made one.