Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Aussies Fight Back Against Big Coal Propaganda Mill

What you're looking at appeared in full page format in the Sydney Morning Herald.  It was published in reaction to a call by whacko global warming denier Lord Monckton for Australia's "super rich" to fund an Aussie equivalent of FOX News.

The ad/public service announcement was the doing of an advocacy group, Get Up, in response to a coal baroness' recent purchase of a big chunk of Australian media giant, Fairfax Media.   Gina Rinehart is known for, "her fiercely right-wing politics and promotion of climate sceptics such as Lord Monckton."

Get Up has posted a video of Monckton addressing a board meeting of a 'free market think tank', the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation, where he sings the praises of people like Glenn Beck.


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